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Unlock iPhone OS

Date Added: March 22, 2014 10:26:22 PM
Author: Justin Sims
Category: Price Comparsion: Animals
The vast majority of iPhones purchased today are SIM locked, which means they will only work when used with a SIM card from one specific network. In every country that Apple offer the iPhone, they have signed agreements to supply locked handsets to the major cell phone networks. This means that if you purchase an iPhone from AT&T, you will only be able to use it on the AT&T network, but you will be able to purchase it direct from AT&T for up to five times cheaper than you would buying an unlocked variant, directly from Apple. The major carriers are so confident that they can recover the losses they incur supplying discounted iPhones, that they offer them at massively discounted rates to entice customers in. So confident are they that they will recover their money, there have been cases where some networks have been known to offer iPhones completely free of charge if a customer agrees to sign up to use it on their network for thirty six months. Getting your hands on the latest model of iPhone for a fraction of the MRP seems like a win-win situation, right? But what about if you have to travel a lot for business? We don't have to highlight how much you can be charged while roaming overseas. There have been reported cases where people have been on holiday and unwittingly using their iPhones on Facebook or Twitter only to return to an astronomical phone bill! A much cheaper option would be to use a local carrier and only pay domestic cellular and data rates. However, you will need to get your iPhone unlocked before you can do so. iPhone 4 Unlock CarrierYou can get your iPhone unlocked by one of two methods. IMEI unlocking is the primary way, and one which most people prefer. The other method is via a software hack, which can only be installed after and iPhone has been jailbroken. The software unlock became obsolete in 2011 when Apple patch their operating system to stop it working. A software unlock can only be applied to a jailbroken handset. Jailbreaking is a very risky procedure that involves hacking the operating system of an iPhone so software that Apple has banned can be installed on it. By installing this software it is possible to trick the phone into thinking it is unlocked so if you put a SIM card from another network in it, it will work as if it were unlocked. Three or four years ago it was possible to unlock an iPhone using software so that it would function on multiple networks. What many people fail to appreciate is that it is only possible to install 3rd party software (software not approved by Apple) on to an iPhone after it had been jailbroken - a process which hacks into and exploits "holes" in the iPhones operating system. You have to keep in mind that if you wish to software unlock your old iPhone (software unlocking has never been possible on any of the iPhone 5 models) that it must be running 5.1.1 firmware (or below). An alternative unlocking process available for all models of iPhone is factory unlocking. Using this method of unlocking will place your phone in the same state it would be had it been purchased as unlocked direct from Apple. Unlocking your iPhone via this method does not void your warranty and enables the unlocked iPhone to be updated via iTunes without it ever being relocked (the same cannot be said for software unlocking). Although this method of permanent unlocking is nothing new, until recently it has only been offered through the networks directly. Rather astonishingly though, Apple have always refused to offer customers a factory unlock. Recent developments mean that it is now possible to have a third party (someone other than your service provider) factory unlock your iPhone. What’s better still, unlike the big networks, these new third party unlocking service providers don't require any complicated requirements in order to unlock. Even better news is that the service these new iPhone unlockers offer is identical in every way to the service offered by the big carriers. Once unlocked you can upgrade your iOS and sync your iPhone in iTunes without consequence - and the best part of all - use your iPhone on any network you like. If you are interested in learning more about how to unlock an iPhone, if your iPhone can be unlocked, or where to get it unlocked, make sure you contact us with all your questions or enquires at iUnlox.

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