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The Search engine Is Dead, Long Live The Metasearc

Date Added: October 28, 2011 09:39:14 AM
Author: Bibika Dimi
Category: Online Auction: Services help
Allow me to introduce the concept of the metasearch. It’s a relatively new idea that is making heavy inroads into Australian web traffic, and it’s likely to become an essential part of the internet landscape for anybody seeking the best deals online. You will be familiar with the idea of the internet search engine already. You simply enter your query, such as ‘Australian deals’, and the site retrieves a list of websites that it thinks meet your criteria. What you probably don’t know is that each search engine has its own way of working out what search results should be displayed to you, so it’s unlikely that each one will report exactly the same set of results. That is a potential problem, as it means you aren’t getting the full benefit of the internet and run the risk of missing out on one of the best deals. The metasearch takes these search functions to a new level. Instead of relying on a single search engine, it takes your query and puts it through all the search engines that it knows about. It then filters and aggregates them, displaying all the results on a single page and making it easy for you to see what the truly best deals are with no risk of duplication. The metasearch sites are really taking off (no pun intended) with travel sites. Happy customers are reporting that they no longer have to go looking at multiple websites to find the best deal on, say, a flight from Perth to Adelaide because the metasearch does all that for them. It can accept any criteria you might have, such as destinations and travel dates, and the results can be filtered or ordered to display according to your preferences such as airline, flight times or price. When you see the right flight, you simply click on the link as usual and you’ll be taken to the airline or travel agents websites, depending on who is offering the deal. It’s a pretty impressive way to get the information you want, and in terms of accuracy and relevance it’s more like the scalpel of a surgeon than the sledgehammer of the traditional search engine. Clearly, it’s early days yet for the metasearch and it’s still finding its feet, but initial results are looking promising. Experian Marketing Services have commented that in the mature markets in Britain and the US it is becoming very popular and looks like taking a good slice of the market. You can also be pretty sure that before long it will be expanding out of travel and looking for new markets, which is when shoppers looking for the best deals on regular goods will really sit up and take notice.

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