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Diablo 3 Gold Secrets

Date Added: January 01, 2014 07:57:27 AM
Author: Darnell Hillgrove
Category: Price Comparsion: Services
To make gold and money in this game, nothing can compare to selling legendaries on the auction house. If you are wasting time focusing entirely on rares then you are definitely "doing it wrong." My gaming career changed greatly once I made the switch to exclusively selling legendaries and set items. They have more visibility than rares and far more cool effects thanks to patch 1.0.4. But that doesn't mean the legacy items are bad, as they too are covered in the guide. Several are worth literally hundreds of millions of gold if you can find them. This guide has helped me form such a better understanding of the ever evolving Diablo 3 economy. It has also provided me with timeless tips that can be applied at any time regardless of where the auction house is currently at. I believe the best aspect about the guide and the forums is that there are tips and tricks of all kinds, big and small. It allows you to gain an understanding of how to manage big strategies and flips while still maintaining a constant income of smaller items. I've learned that a consistent volume of smaller sales is just as important as a sporadic amount of big sales. I am investing 40-60 hours a week playing Diablo 3 and updating this "Diablo 3 Gold Secrets" guide to find the best strategies for making gold and real money in the game. I am spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of my own money and sharing everything I learn in this guide. Imagine the massive competitive edge this is going to give you playing Diablo 3! While everyone else is wasting months, maybe even years attempting to slowly master the auction houses of Diablo 3, you'll be cruising along knowing full well that my strategies are backed by the incredible amount of time and effort I've put into discovering and creating them. Hitokirikenji "I have never used a paid forum before so I was a little hesitant but I am very glad I decided to join and have to say that Marcko and the expert panel as well as the members have been amazing. I watched Marcko's free blog for quite a diablo 3 bot program while before joining and while the advice there is good, what you get on the forums is personalized answers to your specific questions and a real sense of community. The insight and helpfulness of everyone here has far exceeded my expectations. In other words, you are a big deal to Blizzard, and so are you, and you. But after I had a go with Reaper of Souls’ new class, the Crusader on PC, I went a round with him on PS4, and one bit stood out immensely. The Crusader has an ability called “Steed Charge” in which he hops on a horse and is supposed to ride around leaving a trail of fire that does periodic damage to whatever beasties are caught in its wake. Perhaps I’m just dense, but with a mouse that skill seemed rather unintuitive while it then made perfect sense with a gamepad in my hands.

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