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Beanbag Chairs: Popular Bean Bag Fillers

Date Added: February 09, 2014 07:45:22 PM
Author: Reuben Weiss
Category: Marketplace: House Condos
Beanbag Chairs Guides Most of us like resting and taking a break in our living rooms, after work we used to sit and lounge on our living room sofa and relax for a while with all the hard day work. Plus, it is huge that there is a less chance to fall to the ground and perhaps wouldn’t hurt because you are already near to the floor.Most of the customers of this type of chair really prefer the giant ones, they say they enjoy relaxing on this chair, it’s more comfortable and it is also convenient that you can make it as a bed too. These chairs were mainly aimed for a comfortable type of furniture at home. You may not need to renovate your house for home remodeling. An alternate way to remodel your home is to buy new appliances and furniture to create a new ambiance for your house and a new great look. Giant bean bag chairs are one of the furniture that can make your house look new and fresh remodel with a practical taste of the furniture. It’s cool, comfortable, affordable and convenient for the whole family.Bean bag products came out during the 1960s. The early bean bags were introduced as kid�s furniture hence the hip and casual appearance of the products. However, manufacturers decided to update the look of their products by introducing much mature bean bags in the market. This is so adult consumers can relate on the products as well. These days, more and more modern bean bags designs are available in the market which target adults. Although numerous changes in the bean bag designs have been adapted, the stuffing on the other hand remained the same over the years. Polystyrene beads were the popular fillers used when the first bean bags were first introduced in the market. Although there are other fillers in existence, polystyrene beads are the most effective because they are resilient and comfortable to sit on when used as a stuffing. As such, bean bags made from polystyrene beads are very popular and widely available in the market up to this day. Although very resilient, bean bags made form polystyrene pellets tend to be heavy and this appears to be the downside of the material.Meanwhile, there is a lightweight stuffing available for bean bags apart from polystyrene beads. The polyurethane foam is also used in some instances because it gives bean bags a different kind of comfort. Just like foams used in mattresses, this particular filler is also made from that material which is why bean bags with polyurethane foam inside are softer than bean bags with polystyrene fillers. But the downside is that users find it too cushiony and less fluid. As such, manufacturers sometimes mix polystyrene pellets and polyurethane foam to achieve the right kind of softness for those people who like their bean bag chairs light and at the same time soft.These are the popular fillers used in bean bag products. The outward appearance may have evolved over the years but the materials inside remain the same. These fillers are used up to this day because they are very effective and they also make quality bean bag products. The good thing about these fillers is that these are also available to consumers who wish to make their own bean bags. Polystyrene pellets and polyurethane foams are available in hobby shops or hardware stores if an individual wants a personalized bean bag or stuffed toy. Some of these are freshly made fillers while consumers can also use recycle beads and foams to reduce waste and pollution.

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